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A Place for You

There are currently four Performing Orchestras and one Beginning Orchestra at Ridge Point High School based on skill level, workload, difficulty, and responsibilities. Students who wish to be in a performing orchestra program will have to audition for Mr. Watts to determine which class will be appropriate for them.

Students in orchestra can also be enrolled in  a variety of other classes and activities. There is a place in the Orchestra for you no matter how much or little time you feel you can dedicate.

Course selections can be found on page 90 of the current Course Catalog.

Feel free to email Mr. Watts if you have any questions at all.

Orchestra I and II Course Number: FO212/FO222  

Credits: 1 per course Level: On level 

Orchestra III and IV Course Number: FO232/FO242  

Credits: 1 per course Level: On level

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